I've worked with Annette for many years covering the EDA, IP and semiconductor industries and have found that her understanding of the dynamics of these sectors, her knowledge of the people and issues involved, and her insight into the kind of help that journalists value, has made for a very effective working relationship. Annette knows what to pitch, to whom and how, and when to gently dissuade a client from insisting on wasting a journalist's time. I've also seen Annette help many start-ups adapt their message to international audiences, avoiding the pitfalls of varying cultural expectations and ensuring that meetings with her clients are effective. This all adds up to a valuable short-cut for busy journalists. So if you hire Annette, take her advice.

Luke Collins, freelance technology journalist and former Editor of Electronics
Times (1997 - 2000)

Annette is a reliable resource for quality marketing communication; there is no better partner for a technology company looking to get its message out in Europe. I've been working with Annette for years, and her preparation for and execution of our product launches has been impeccable. She adds value to our messaging by making sure it hits the right tone for European audiences.

Scott Sandler,
Vice President of Corporate Marketing, SpringSoft, and President of SpringSoft USA
  • Blog and monthly column on EW.com
Annette Bley PR pitched and placed a blog on EW.com for Warren Savage, CEO of IPextreme, and this then evolved into a monthly column.

Click here to go to the March 2009 column. (You will find a list of further columns/blogs at the bottom of the webpage.)

  • European press tour
When SpringSoft merged with Novas, it was agreed that the background and ramifications needed to be carefully explained to the European press. The possibility of a press tour was researched and the logistics put in place. The tour covered publications from the UK, Nordics, Germany and France and examples of the resulting coverage are below.
Markt & Technik (Germany)   (PDF 2.3 mb)
Elektroniktidningen (Sweden)
Electronique International (France)   (PDF 1 mb)
Components in Electronics (UK)   (PDF 2.8 mb)

  • Working with EE Times
The strategy for European Tech Tours’ Semiconductor Summit was to involve EE Times and develop interesting stories for potential coverage. One editor was targeted and Annette worked with him to find stories and spokespeople.

The Summit itself was the top story on EETimes.eu for some time: appeared in EETimes (US) and in the print edition of EETimes Europe.

Further coverage involved Picochip; Synopsys; and Xilinx; and subsequent articles have covered the start-up companies which appeared at the Summit.

  • Contributed technical articles
A client’s existing source material is researched and can very often be developed into technical articles. Annette finds the right target publications and then works closely with authors and translators to ensure that editors are always happy when the article is delivered. Here are a couple of examples:
Electronique (France)   (PDF 5.6 mb)
Elektronik Automotive (Germany)   (PDF 553 kb)
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